Nutritional specialties are specific products to answer zootechnical challenges during a specific stage of the animal life. They can be incorporated in feed or used in top feeding. Our nutritional specialties are a result of our nutritional know-how and with a specific composition, having one or more functions such as a positive effect on production, the well-being of animals, the characteristics of animal products and the environmental consequences of animal production.

Wisium nutritional specialties cover various type of production problematics. We developed specific solutions to answer your day-to-day fields issues such as:

  • Eggshell quality in layer production
  • Intestinal health and integrity in poultry, swine and ruminant productions
  • Liver protection in poultry and ruminant productions
  • Heat stress in poultry production
  • Negative energy balance in dairy production
  • Calving recovery in ruminant production
  • Fertility in swine production
  • Milk production in swine and ruminant productions
  • Nutrients deviation to non-productive purpose in poultry, swine and ruminant productions

Examples of nutritional specialties we propose:

B-SAFE, secures digestive process

B-SAFE offers a safe, natural and reliable solution to ensure performance improvement and boost economic results. This patented additive is strongly backed up by many years of R&D and commercial use worldwide.

2 concentrations of B-SAFE are available:

  • B-SAFE SD for feed,
  • B-SAFE HC for premix.


OILIS, natural management of coccidiosis

This natural alternative, made up of “in vivo” selected vegetable extracts, is designed to improve coccidiosis and OILIS HC management and maintain intestinal wall integrity.

  • OILIS SD & HC: powder to be used in feed.
  • OILIS LD: formulated on a milk soluble carrier to be used into milk replacers.


POWERJET, efficient energy

POWERJET is a patented additive specifically developed to fight gut inflammation. By preserving intestinal integrity, POWERJET helps animals to get more out of the feed nutrients for production needs.

2 concentrations are available: POWERJET SD for feed, POWERJET HC for premix.


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