Mycotoxins are toxic secondary molecules produced by moulds causing a wide range of effects depending on the molecular family, combination of contaminants and rearing environment. Mycotoxins occur differently in each part of the world, according to climate and agricultural practices. Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins, Fumonisins, Zearalenone and Trichothecenes (DON, T2, H-T2, etc.) are the 5 main mycotoxins families identified causing a lot of zootechnical issues with or without clinical effects.

One mycotoxin can be produced by several molds and one mold can produce several mycotoxins causing multicontamination. In addition, storage contamination is added to in-field contamination.

Mycotoxins raw materials contamination can be suspected by mould presence, fermented grains, etc. In most of the cases, the contamination (even with high levels) cannot be suspected and detected by visual inspection. Only analysis can confirm the presence of mycotoxins.

To avoid the negative impacts of mycotoxins on animal performance, they need to be protected by a global insurance linking personalized high level services and high end products. For that Wisium offers a global approach of the mycotoxins control which started by understanding your fields problematic and needs.


Wisium toxins solution, a customized offer through monitoring:


  • Raw materials quality analysis
  • Technical and zootechnical high level support
  • Binding and bio-transforming product

A full package of services including quality control plan, sampling methodology, quick analysis, technical support and monitoring tool, combined with a high technical product T5X


Much more than a toxinbinder, T5X is working with the animals in 3 main actions:


#1 Binding: catch of the polar toxins

#2 Detoxification: stimulation of detoxification enzymes production and antioxidant power

#3 Immunostimulation: macrophage activation

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