The performance and the quality of your feed is based on the quality raw materials knowledge and on the nutritional levels evaluation. Wisium experts allow you to optimize the technical and economic performance of your feed through its formulation, nutrition, ingredients analysis and species expertise.

Taking into account the fluctuations in market prices, raw materials availability, ingredients analysis and your production objectives, Wisium provides you a customized and efficient formulation support.

The Wisium nutritional multi-species matrixes are specifically developed and updated in order to ensure the stability and quality of feed, by making the most of raw materials and additives. Our matrixes ensure you to have the best nutritional description of your raw materials.

We build specific and customized nutritional programs taking into account your needs and performances objectives. Our expertise is multi-species and adapted to your production system.

We focused our market watch on raw materials and regulatory topics. We collect, synthetize and share with you technical and economic information related to raw materials market (price evolution, sourcing, quality process…). We study and qualify new raw materials available on the market to find new opportunity for your formulation.

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