Wisium helps to ensure your raw materials and finished products quality by providing several types of analyses through InVivo Labs, its laboratory partner. Depending on your needs, we can propose analyses plans based on recommendations from the Wisium experts and current regulations.

InVivo Labs has currently laboratories in Brazil, France, Vietnam and Italy. In some Wisium subsidiaries, InVivo Labs has laboratories dedicated to premix plant (China, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Hungary). InVivo Labs is specialized in physical, chemical, molecular biology and microbiological analyses for the agriculture and food industry. These analyses are all carried out in line with applicable accreditations (ISO 17 025, COFRAC, ACCREDIA, EMBRAPA, CNAS, VILAS). 300 engineers and technicians are working for InVivo Labs and provide 2,000,000 analyses per year.


A wide range of analysis can be proposed to answer your needs:

  • Microbiological analyses on raw materials and finished products (salmonella…)
  • Proximal analyses: cellulose, protein, fat, starch, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, digestibility
  • Contaminants and undesirable substances analyses: mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides
  • Detection and quantification of GMO and DNA species
  • Physical measures (density, granulometry, pH…)

Wisium supports you on the analyses interpretation and proposes an action plan through formulation in order to valorize your analyses results and improve your feed performance.


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