Decision Making Tools (DMT) are key to go further than nutrition. Our DMTs allow us to provide you a customized support through audit, diagnostic and performance monitoring. Those tools have for objectives to help you to make the right decision at the right time and adapted to your needs.


Our current Decision Making Tools are focused on three domains:


Quality control

As the nutritional and sanitary quality of your feed is directly linked to your feed production process, we propose you a rigorous quality management to ensure you the best performance. Thanks to some DMTs we are able to propose you a customized and accurate quality control plan. We tabulate raw materials via an ingredient analysis to optimize the technical and economic performances of your feed in a way that reflects actual conditions as closely as possible.

Nutritional performance

Feed cost is a key parameter to improve your economic results. Our tools permit to do the best raw materials valorization to provide you the right formulation corresponding to your needs. Thanks to our international data base, we are able to provide you the right solutions regarding your current situation but also to propose you alternative or new raw materials and additives to use.

Farm audit and management

Our first objectives are to understand your problematics through specific audits and diagnostics. Then, we identify areas of improvement in function of your performance and quality objectives. After the implementation of a specific action plan, our DMTs help us to evaluate the efficiency of our solutions through the evaluation of your economic performance. We can then ensure you a rigorous follow-up and propose new areas of improvement.


Example of InMyFarm Aqua, an innovative approach of farm management.

Supported by a user-friendly tablet applica­tion, InMyFarm Aqua considers the farming system from a new angle, positioning farmers’ skills and wishes at the centre of our team’s concerns. InMyFarm Aqua works with farmers to understand how their farming systems operate and to help them reach their goals. And it does so by uncovering the key to progress specific to each species, life stage and type of culture, directly in the field.

Sharing expertise in continuous improvement around the world constantly enriches the accumulated benefits of experience. All information is fed into InMyFarm Aqua, setting a worldwide benchmark and creating a network of people who speak the same language.
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