Wisium experts have a global approach of the horse nutrition to be your partner to reach your performance objectives. We customize our approach and solutions in order to meet the specific needs of horses.

  • We are your partner to build your feed range depending on the horse physiological stages and its activity: leisure and horse at work, sport and competition, breeding and complementary cereals. We offer raw materials and feed analysis in order to provide you the best formulation and nutrition supports.
  • We focus on your industrial problematic, implementing a safety process management for a safe horse feed. We particularly take care of the Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substance (NOPS) presence in order to ensure a final product without any natural contaminants.
  • We pay attention to your sales performance providing nutrition training to your sales force and a marketing support to your customers.

As your partners, Wisium experts provide you a customized support though technical services. A dedicated support on every stages of your production system and adapted to your production model.


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According to your project and needs we are able to provide you a dedicated answer:

  • To OPTIMIZE your horse feed production helping you to improve and monitor your economic results thanks to our formulation, horse nutrition expertise & industrial process support.
  • To SECURE your production working with you on raw materials sourcing, specific control plan, finished products evaluation & doping analysis.
  • To BUILD a new production type or a new way to produce feed thanks to our global approach.


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