Wisium experts have a global approach of the pet nutrition to be your partner to reach your performance objectives. We customize our approach and solutions in order to meet the specific needs of dogs and cats.

  • We are your partner to build your pet food ranges depending on the animal physiological stages and race. We take care of the specific claims that you would like to develop (digestive, cognation, immunity, reproduction, vision, mobility, hair ball, beauty, urinary, oral care…) in order to deliver functional benefits to your client.
  • We pay attention to the problematics of palatability and digestibility and to your raw materials quality, selection and use. Thanks to our R&D knowledge, raw materials and feed analysis offer we provide you the best formulation and nutrition supports.
  • We also focus on your industrial technology needs: grinding, sieving, drying coating and special ingredients, ensuring you the best industrial process optimization and performance.
  • We advise you on your specific regulation topics (labels etc.) facilitating your process.

As your partners, Wisium experts provide you a customized support though technical services. A dedicated support on every stages of your production system and adapted to your production types.


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According to your project and needs we are able to provide you a dedicated answer:

  • To OPTIMIZE your petfood production helping you to improve and monitor your economic results thanks to our formulation, dog and cat nutrition expertise focus on functional benefits and industrial support.
  • To SECURE your production working with you on raw materials sourcing, specific control plan (including foreign bodies and metal detection) & finished products evaluation.
  • To BUILD a new production type or a new way to produce feed thanks to our global approach.


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