Each of our customer has his proper objectives and evolve in specific market conditions. In order to answer your project, we build tailor made solutions dedicated to you. Our technical, industrial and commercial agility allows us to offer you an exclusive and therefore more efficient solution.

#1 First step: We understand your need


Do you want to enhance your product’s performance?
Improve quality, productivity and profitability?

To OPTIMIZE for example;
Feed Conversion Ratio
Average Daily Gain

Eggshell quality
Somatic cells in the milk
Horse activity performance


Do you want to secure your processes & products?

To SECURE for example;
Raw materials sourcing
Mycotoxins contamination

Salmonella contamination
Medicated feed production
Feed granulometry quality


Do you want to find new solutions to differentiate and innovate?

To BUILD for example,
New raw material valorization
New species feed range
New production line
New farm management approach
Antibiotic-free strategy

#2 Second step: We study your project

We will study your project, from start to end, with you and involve all our experts.

A 360°C view of your production management including input and finished products control plans, nutritional requirements definition, formulation, industrial support, farm management support and possible marketing support.


#3 Third step: We provide you a dedicated solution


An appropriate solution to your project, environment and resources.

Let’s start working together on your project: Contact us